Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Have been going to east coast almost every week to work out, here are some of the interesting stuff we saw:

his fav beef brisket, he claims its the best!!

This is pretty interesting, you can get to add paint but I think u guys wouldn't want to see the finishing product done by us haha! scare u to death! ( i dun mind if anyone wants to see it though)


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YWednesday, July 15, 2009

10th of july is my bird day... actually at first I thought its going to be a normal day. But didn't expect that I will have something different this year. Maybe let me just update a little?

I bought myself a pair of running shoes, before i went in I actually told myself to get the cheapest pair but in the end I saw something that looks even chioer and best in pink haha

Whenever I am taking a picture at home dou dou will try to steal the limelight thats normal so here goes her pic:

This year my boyfriend had made plans to bring me to night safari, I haven't been there before it was quite fun though taking tram and see animals roaming around. We bought the package thingy which is 2 in 1, night safari and zoo =) the show was great didn't they are that daring to let animals like hyeena and cheetah to perform OOooo....

very boring meh?

the tram we took

his signature pose

so many arowanas

And also had dinner with D and my parents, forgot to take picture of the food though but it was pretty nice. And D actually told the waitress it was my birthday so they present with a slice of cake, ha nor bad la..

Then I had dinner with the girls and guy as well.. we went for tian tian steamboat then went TCSS at thomson to have a drink and of cos met up with eileen but didn't manage to take pictures of her boo.. but I love her presents so much!! and of cos thanks maine for the prezzie too.. this girl ah have hidden agenda kns... LOL

Then I got a ferragamo hairband as well, it looks pretty nice isn't it ? weeeeEE

I am still waiting for the arrival of my new laptop in Pink hiak hiak shall update soon =)


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YWednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

After a long long time, I finally met up with my girls.. but I was again late haha sorry la busy ma... we met up and went for dinner at Waraku casual dining, the girls intro me this new place I would say its pretty yummy... very big big bowl.. then we went over to Clarke Quay to have a drink at yellow jello.. it was pretty fun it was a retro bar where u have dance floor.. catch up with each other then it was time to head home.

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YSunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

To my dear readers, I give u BELGIUM. Of course you cannot miss those freshly made Belgium Waffles. Its damn yummy you can choose different topping to go with your waffle. For me its got to be Strawberry with caramel =)

See at the back of me is the little boy who is peeing, which is at Brussel. It is to be believed that he had save the whole town just because when he saw fire, he went to pee and manage put out the fire.

i look stupid here i dunno why

Since Belgium is famous for chocolate of course I had to take a few pics. Look at all those rabbits and rat, can you bear to eat them?

this just looks like rattie LOL

on the left is real person, right is a statue.

stylish dogs. The smaller one will bite the leash and ask the big dog to follow him as he leash him haha so cutee!!

more cookies and chocolates

cookie and biscuits again!



Basically Belgium is just full of waffles, chocolates and cookies. Next up will be Holland =)


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YSunday, April 26, 2009


A outgoing person, loves dancing, partying, have some quiet moment for myself, spend time with my baby girl dou dou, shopping, hanging out with my galfriends interested in doing nails which means I am a manicurist ,Loves teaching which means I am a tutor too!!



Well dancing? haha and loves hanging out with my girlfriends and my friends and hope to know more new friends =)


Hates people who detest me? oh and 1 thing I hate lizard totally..

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